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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mark your Calendars: Next Game June 2nd!

YES, WIBIJ?!, is the game where you follow the clues to very cool blogs, and if you do it fast enough, or leave the best comment out there, then you win an award! Next game posts Wednesday AM, sign up to play when the clues begin posting (1pm eastern time zone) for the fast race. OR wait to play without the pressure! Also, more cowbell please!

And for your entertainment, who says you can't tame lions?


  1. OMG! I went to prom with Gregory P! I'm glad to see he is still an animal lover.

  2. Kelly!!!!! That is awesome! Had I only known... I probably wouldn't have done that any differently!

  3. Ha! You totally got me! I should have known...

  4. Can we train H's kittens to become those cats?!

  5. Ooh, another contest coming! I'll have to play the 'slow' version as usual, due to other commitments.

    But the main reason I stopped by was to say THANK YOU for my copy of "Prophecy of Days" which arrived on Saturday. It looks like such a juicy read!

  6. I'm training my kittens as we speak. So far, the only trick they have down pat is to run over me with their claws extended in the middle of the night. But maybe by the next game, they'll have something to show us!

    Jeanne--you're very welcome!