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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mark Your Calendars

The next WIBIJ game will post on April 21th, at 1 PM eastern. One week from now!
Follow Heather's clues to new or familiar blogs. Show up right on time to play the fast action game, or come anytime during the next 24 hours to play the relaxed version. We invite folks to hang out in the cheering section too (more cow bell, please). So many ways to get involved!

Don't forget to read the Everything Else You Need To Know Page to figure out what the heck is going on here! In the meantime, practice getting your google on.

For your entertainment:


  1. Will be there! (maybe even on time)
    I was watching the Superhero Squad cartoon with my five year old the other day and one of the superheroes flashbacked to when he was in a band. And while they were playing, one band member yelled, "More cowbell!" I thought it was funny that the writers were writing for the parents (I assume) as well as the kids!

  2. Kelly, Ha! My neighborhood had a goofy little parade. My son playing his baritone and a neighbor girl with a trombone and then the rest of us following with rakes and kazoos and what not. My neighbor, Ken, had a cow bell. Awesome! and a passerby yelled at us, "More cow bell!" And then I ran across this on a blog and it had to end up here!

    I'm excited you may make it!

  3. I, sadly, will not make it! I will be in Maine, probably. School vacation week...have fun!

  4. the world totally needs more cowbell. it would fix some many things and right so many wrongs...

    and yes, I'll be there!

  5. Kris- bummed for WIBIJ, but happy for Maine. Have a great time!

    Dena- Whew! I'm ringing the cowbell right now, and exploring the space... Wouldn't be the same without you.