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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Race #4, Writers Helping Writers (presented by Heather)

Welcome friends from far and near,
Thanks for coming; for being here.

First, some business, before we play,
Disqualification for all who stray!

Sign in at the comments down below,
New clues, every 10, after you go.

Leave Respectful words at each new place,
Stay On Blog Topic--or you're out of this race.

Collect Jon's clues from the comment pile,
Visible by their CAPITAL style.

Return again, comment that you're done,
Submit your phrase, maybe you've won!

There's not much more for you to know.
Welcome to the circus; away we go!

A writer needs support every step of the way;
The blogs that Jon visits fit that bill, today.
Writers who help other writers at every turn
Get ready, get set, feel the google burn!

Jon's Phrase: Bloggers __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __!

Sign in at the comments!
Clue #1 @ 1:00 PM EST

a Market-ing guru she is--nothing less.

pink with personality, and great with the press.
"My Words," you might say, as you visit her site,
"this gal has it all and she blogs with such might!"

astounded you'll be, as she e-mails you back.

she certainly has just that kind of knack.
treating each person on her blog as a prime
you'll ask yourself, "how does she find time?"

Clue #2 @ 1:10

Spotlight on Agents is a feature so glam
that pulls you right out of your querying jam.
a helping hand you'll find at her blog every day,
even if it's just a kind word flying your way.

Tuesday's Tip helps inform, and she doesn't stop there,
but asks what you need and provides it with care.
she's open and honest--a true writerly friend,
and you'll never regret stopping by in the end!

Clue #3 @ 1:20

what is more fun, than Graffiti-ing her Wall?
authors and artists, everyone of y'all?
interviews of bloggers and writers abound,
from Inkwell, and verla's and everywhere 'round.

she's the best Writer's Ally--i can tell you that now.

with pizazz she blogs about writing know-how.
she answers each comment you leave with much glee
you know that her Alley is the place to be.

Clue #4 @ 1:30

"oh, besties," she cries, "do not ever despair!
we're in this together, of that I declare!
keep writing, keep going--i know you will ace
this novel you're writing, just keep up with the pace."

"here's a querying spoof that i wrote just for you.

and that shark Janet Reid just might show up here too
so pull up a chair, Grab A Pen, don't be late,
my lovey, my bestie, my writer, my mate!"

Last Clue @ 1:40

she's a blogging marvEl, anyone can attest.
and at answering comments, she's one of the best.
whether posting at querytracker, or at her own place,
she blogs with an abundance of humor and grace.

her Query-ing book can help you get on the baLl,

and snAg and ageNt, or at least, get the Call.
and once a month, check out her newsletter,
a fAntastic tool to help you write better!

***This game is open for 24 hours. And we expect to see some rocking clues out there in the blogosphere!! The award for best comment is still anyone's game!! Play on! Play on! Play on!***

After playing, visit Friday, to see if you won the award for Best Comment, or First Place!!! Thanks so much for playing!! We hope you connected with some new writers and blogs!!

***Remember, check the Everything Else You Need to Know Page if you get stuck!***


  1. Guess who's here (again). Are you guys tired of me yet???

  2. Never!!
    Welcome to our girl of the hour!
    Are you ready?

  3. yeah the little man went to sleep about 30 min ago and my daughter is watching a movie...hopefully the next 40 min will stay open!

  4. Yay! Jeff!

    Yay Little Man and Movies!

  5. Woo-hoo! Quite the crowd! And, they're off! with clue number one in hand!

  6. Sheri!! Good to see you! Going to have a serious race!

  7. OMGosh.....I found #1. Don't feel so dunce-like now. ";-)

  8. And off those speedies go to Clue 2.

  9. Yay, Sheri. You got your google on!

  10. Not fast enough today Dena... could I be the one to finally dethrone the queen of WIBIJ?

  11. 'K, that would be knew. Sorry. Too excited I guess!

  12. I'm just taking time with my answers, Jeff :p

  13. Jeff- You may have it in you!! Serious smack!

  14. Nice race, gang! I would do more cheerleading, but I've been wrestling that lion blogger into submission! Not an easy task! But, you guys are flying through!!!

  15. Okay I would have finished 4 a lot earlier but I accidentally clicked on an old (AND LONG) post and read all of it- and I was ready to comment when I realized that it was from weeks ago...LOL! Oh well, it was a nice read ;-) Ready for the last one.

  16. Well, actually I sit on an exercise ball and there is no edge. Maybe just as well.

  17. I almost did that, Dena!! Hard not to get sucked in sometimes by a good post, whether current or not. ";-)

  18. LOL I have no idea guys. I think it's the end of my reign!

  19. Remember the hints in the Everything You Need to Know Page!

  20. I am totally at a loss for this last clue

  21. I have full confidence in you guys--look at the clue closely.

  22. Hmm? Heather is tricky. Tough one here, I think.

  23. Points of order--don't forget to comment at each and every blog, and don't forget to submit your unscrambled phrase at the end in the form on the blogroll on the right! The game is still wide open, guys! Don't despair!

  24. I suck at unscrambling letters. WT......

  25. Oops I think I submitted the phrase twice accidentally...sorry guys

  26. You never know, gang! D might have the right phrase, and then again... the game could still be going!

    Great job for finishing D!

  27. that last clue was a bitch ;-)

  28. Policy to save it for the awards ceremony. You never know what kind of technicalities will come up!!

  29. I aim to please, D! Have to keep you on your toes somehow!!

  30. Ahhh! You beat me! Just got it in

  31. Dena, You just made Heather's day!!!

  32. Yay, great finishing, Jeff! Make sure you commented at all blogs. We're missing you at number four--maybe you missed the verification.

  33. Jeff, you never know... And in so many ways you are a winner! You have all made my day, and if that isn't a prize I don't know what is!

  34. ah! I actually commented on the wrong post!

  35. Great fun guys. I'll surely pass the word...or phrase in this case. ";-) (& we must showcase this blogging game!!)

  36. that explains it! those posts are really close together!

  37. Sheri--awesome--make sure to submit a phrase so you can qualify for prizes!!

  38. Sheri, you are a dreamy googler! And that is awesome!!

  39. Everyone who comes after, remember to sign in, play at your leisure and submit your phrases! This game is open until 1 PM tomorrow!! Good luck!!

  40. All righty. All done! This was an easy one since I'm following three out of the five blogs already! (and thank you for introducing me to the other two!)

  41. You have an interesting initiative going on here. All the best.

  42. By the way, the correct spelling is blogosphere?

  43. Paul--thanks for stopping by! And, you got me laughing. You know when so many people look at something, and don't see the typo?? Especially on a made up word! Thanks for spotting it!! You can crit for me any day!!

  44. Just checking out wibij:) Looks like a fun-ner than fun place:)

  45. I'm late to the party...and it's late here. So my comments are not particularly witty tonight! But, I made it! Congrats, Dena. *best Wayne and Garth pose* Not worthy, here!

  46. Looks like it was a great game! I would have rocked this one. I heart all those blogs. : )