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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Official Recap and Award Ceremony

The next WIBIJ game will post on May 5th, at 1 PM eastern!
Follow Heather's clues to new or familiar blogs. Show up right on time to play the fast action game, or come anytime during the next 24 hours to play the relaxed version. We invite folks to hang out in the cheering section too (more cowbell, please). So many ways to get involved!

Next game there will be prizes for our fabulous winners. Keep your eyes peeled for details! PRIZES, people!!!

The Recap (Presented by Tina)
This past race began with Blogger pacing her cage. Here at WIBIJ?!, when working with our exotic animals, we always use B.F. Skinner's theory of OPPERANT CONDITIONING, connecting each of Bloggers behaviors with a cue and immediately rewarding her when she behaves the desired way. Her preferred behaviors are 1) publishing all of Heather's clues in non-wonky manner and 2) when she does wonk the clues, letting Heather approach without biting her head off.

Picture of Heather with our beloved Blogger

Once we have CAPTURED the beast (B.F. Skinner terminology) this game runs like butter. Then all that's required is SHAPING (yes, we know Blogger would be better off in the wild and we are putting Heather at serious risk) Taming a wild beast is like trying to train the wind.

The Stops
This race brings us to the women of the Internet, these gals have got Blogger in the palms of their hands. Our theme this week was blogs that help authors blog and write better.

Stop 1: Shelli at
Market My Words, a fairie-like blog for adults, giving us the tools we need while providing such fun, this post asked her commentors to give their fourteen-year-old selves advice, based on the premise of Sarah Mylnowski's new book Gimmee a Break.

Stop 2: Casey at Literary Rambles not only keeps brilliant records of agents out there for us when we need but she offers a forum for our tip and tricks, our want-ads, providing series on tighter writing. Not only does she have killer content but she is a friend to all that cross her cyber-path.

Stop 3: Sheri Larsen's Writer's Alley provides a place for writers to spread their words, she is welcoming and energetic and a founder of Inkwell a community for writers that is growing like gangbusters, check it out! She also played our game with wit and winsome style (and for that she has us eternally in her pocket)!

Stop 4: Tahereh at Grab a Pen, brand spanking new to blogging, Tahereh is all freshness and love. She splashes on the scene with tons of visual appeal and boldness. Thanks for being there for all of us, Tahereh, you are our BESTIE! Querypolitan = awesome

Stop 5: Elana Johnson helps us with the most difficult, and keeps it real! Not only is she the Query Queen, she is a friend and a real writer with real writer problems and we can connect with her on a daily basis. As we learned from her post she vomits her first drafts, she let's us know exactly how and when she blogs, she shows us how to do it!

Our Racers:

Dena: What is there to say about Dena, our recurring champion? Except we command you, BOW TO THE QUEEN!

Jeff: HOORAY! He is a hero to our eyes. Not only did he take on our undefeated angel with storybook like bravery but he does his own personal good on his blog. Check out the Debut Author's Blog. His interviews are worth your time.

And Sheri, her Graffiti Wall is a wonder to behold. And the way she looks at you over her glasses, leaving cheeky responses. She put in a good race.

Other racers: Our beloved Kris, finding her way here between work and kids and her book. Kelly our gal about the blogosphere, perhaps you have seen her rocking at a concert near you too.

The Phrase: Paying it forward, one post at a time.

Awards (Presented by Jon)

1st Place

And of course, first place goes to the beloved Dena. I am so glad she's endearing, otherwise this could get old. But instead, I feel privileged to present her with 1st Place every other week. Since I know Dena really well, I know that her first place finishes give her motivation each week and that's what we're all about here, after all.

Best Comment

We saw funny, motivational, and honest comments this week. Nice work guys! Here are my favorites:

Kelly at Shelli's
Too fun, Shelli! I was wondering what that was all about on FB last night!
I agree with most things that you said, except the part of Duran Duran. I still and always will love them! :)
I actually wouldn't tell myself to change too much, because I love how my life turned out. I wouldn't want to accidentally alter the pathway there!
What a cool concept for a book!

Kris at Shelli's
I so love this idea. I wish wish wish I could tell my high school self to get over the crush I had for 4 whole years that made me ignore all the boys who might have been nice! Oh, and keep writing. ;)

Dena at Elana's

LOL at word vomit!!! I vomit out my PB's all the freaking time!

Sheri at Elana's
I'm what you'd call a skeletal pantser. ";-) Write out a few notes that just happen to have A or 1. in front of them. Sketch out a few more and then type away. I love to see a curve or twist I otherwise would not have created had I outlined to the hills. But that's just ME.

Kelly at Elana's
I have a general plot/conflict and general ending then go from there.
I can't wait to word hurl tonight!
Dena at Sheri's
That book sounds awesome!
I really enjoyed reading this interview because I can relate as a mother...and it's true, writing PB's is CRAZY HARD!!! I love your dedication to your craft and I'm trying to "work" at it as much as I can, but with two little kids, sometimes it just seems impossible! So glad to see you've had success! It gives me hope :-)
Kris at Tahereh's

I'd totally subscribe [to Querypolitan]! I can lose weight while I write - that would genius.

Jeff at Tahereh's (wrong post, right blog, but we loved it!)
Totally happens with my blog too. Somehow searching "Thomas Edison" brought someone to my web page... go figure.

The winner of the Best Comment Award is Kelly and her comment at Elana's because I love the sound of 'word hurl'. Well, the sound the words make not the action. Maybe Kelly could do a vlog on word hurling. I keep saying it over and over. "word hurl word hurl word hurl" Kelly--here's your award to proudly display on your blog! Congrats, and great race!


  1. Yay! Excellent award presentation as usual!
    Hurray for word hurling! :)

  2. Okay, I'm not going to write an acceptance speech this time, lol! I actually feel guilty for winning (and this time it was total luck that I won, I still don't know how the crap I pulled out that last clue) but I'm grateful anyway.
    I think I might take myself out of the "race" part of the game next time and just go for best comment!

  3. Kelly, talk about word hurl! I think that is what I did writing this post this morning. Congratulations! It was a wonderful comment and I will appreciate the phrase coining for always!

    Dena- Luck or practice?? In either case don't feel bad, you totally deserve it o loyal competitive one. Thanks for playing!

  4. Kelly - :) Thanks for participating, it was a joy reading your comments!

    DENA [insert middle name here] DAW! - There will be none of this 'maybe i should sit out the next round' crap! I love seeing your comments around, they make me smile and I'd hate for you to not participate for such a silly reason.

  5. I really liked this race - I wish I could have done it at the regular time...I think I could have given Dena a run for her money - though really, why mess w/ tradition at this point! ;) I knew Casey's and Elana's blogs just from the descriptions as I read both of them all the time!

    Congrats to all! Thanks again Heather, Jon, and Tina.

  6. Excellent, peeps!! You all amaze me. It was a blast...until I just realized we didn't have to take on letter from each word to make a word. UGH!! Am I STUPEED...I MEAN STUPID!! LOL.

    Until next time...

  7. What a fun race! I'm so glad my vomit was a stop this time around! Ha ha! :)

  8. WOW - What did I miss???

    Why do I have to be at work at that time...?


    WORD HURL VOMIT...whine whine whine....I want to be there with Donkey next time - the tutu finally exploded though. Those made in China things just don't seem to last these days!