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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Perky Bloggers, Race # 7 (Presented by Heather)

Newcomers, welcome to W.I.B.I.J.?! We appreciate you taking time out of your day to join our community. We hope you feel inspired to have fun and give the following bloggers some love! And if you're new, here are the directions:

Welcome friends from far and near,
Thanks for coming; for being here.

First, some business, before we play,
Disqualification for all who stray!

Sign in at the comments down below,
New clues, every 10, after you go.

Leave Respectful words at each new place,
Stay On Blog Topic--or you're out of this race.

Collect Jon's clues from the comment pile,
Visible by their CAPITAL style.

Return again, comment that you're done,
Submit your phrase, maybe you've won!

There's not much more for you to know.

Welcome to the circus; away we go!

Perky bloggers, we'll visit, this game.
Follow the clues; we're glad you came.
We wish you luck, get googling now.
To each player, we respectfully bow!

Jon's Secret Phrase: ___ ____ ____ __.

CLUE #1 posts at 1PM EST!

she'll CONSTANTLY amaze you with word and with style
she's dasaloff and beautiful as she walks the long mile
towards RISKING it all, towards hope at it's best
Giving ABSURDITY a try when all else has rest.

Her posts are so vivid; they all come alive
like her classes on Making A book tRailer jIve.
she shows us cute guys and motion thAt's stopped
When you Hop to her blog, you'll find yourself rocked!

CLUE #2 @ 1:10

she says that she's DREAMING but that's not really true
her quotes are informative and intereSting too
they inspire and teacH, excite and embrAce
our writing with tips for revisioN and pace.

her blog makes us woNder, her blOg makes us thiNk,
about BOOKs and our writing and how we really don't stink
she holds us all up with kind words and support
she provides the best kind of community rapport!

Clue #3 @ 1:20

looking for a chuckle, a hearty lol?
about fairy bookmothers and taco bell?
i'm laughing so hard--you'll soon see why.
CAROL'S heartfelt too--oh, that post about pie!

she worries (don't we all) that her baby might be
just the world’s most hideous bat-monkey
but a PRINTS among writers and she's brave as well
come laugh, come nod, come hear, come tell.

Last Clue @ 1:30

these gals RO(E)CK and thEy also Roll
tag-team their dreams, and their fabulous goal
a pubLIshed book, queens of bLog nAtion
perkily putting the els in collaboration.

LIARs they aren't, but funny they are
supporting our writing SOCIETY by far
stop by and laugh, stop by and salute
play guess which writes what--that game is a hoot!


***Pay attention to CAPS and check out the EVERYTHING ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW PAGE if you need a hint!!***

Who will win the Award for First Place? Who Will Win the Award for Best Comment? Game lasts a full 24 hours--how creative can you be, out there in the blogosphere??!!

Thanks for playing, we hope you had FUN!!


  1. I may even be on time today! Look out!

  2. Yay, Kelly!

    What am I doing here?--I better go sprinkle some clues around the blogosphere!

  3. I may try to join in..?? I think I will be hopelessly outclassed, but it sounds like fun!

  4. Woo-hoo Kari!! We're so happy to have you! A good place to start is in the Everything You Need To Know Page. We're posting the first clue in a little under an hour--WELCOME!!!

  5. Due to a change in my schedule, looks like I'll be able to play with the big kids this time around.

  6. And the race has begun!!! This is always the fun part, the mystery of it all awaits. Welcome to the tent and now you are off. Yay!

  7. Hi, Jeanne! Welcome, Kari! Kelly are you here?!

  8. Heads up (as if you folks need it)! Off to clue two.

  9. Thanks! WIBIJ is an awesome idea-- so fun :)
    but I have to confess, I'm a little confused about how the secret phrase works. Does each space stand for a word?

  10. Those are some awe inspiring comments out in the blogosphere. Thanks. It's a pleasure to have you on this race.

  11. The circus tent is mighty quiet. I wonder if Blogger is being too much of her beastly self. Scaring everyone off.

  12. Heather is a wrangling with her. She's can do wonders with her chair and marshmallow peanuts. Blogger sure loves those peanuts.

  13. Kari--each __ stands for a word. you submit the final phrase in the page over on the right. People who finish qualify for first place and best comment awards woo-hoo!

  14. Thanks! I read the Everything Else you Need to Know tips : )

  15. Ha, Ha! Easily best comment I ever read! Heather will like that too!

  16. Okay, that was fun! So different playing for speed than poetry.

  17. Yes!! And you still wrote beautiful comments!! Thanks, Jeanne.

  18. Kari--I do love that you read that page. And that you found what you needed there!! Jeanne, nice run. It't turning out to be a really low key race today. Maybe I'll have to make the clues tougher next time. Muahahaha!

  19. The game is still on. Who know who is going to submit the phrase correctly first, or leave the best comment out there in the blogosphere!! Game is STILL ON!!

  20. zomg I have all the clues from the posts and I have no idea what the phrase is! lol, maybe I'll have this figured out by next time?

  21. Kari--take a moment--I'll bet you'll figure it out--you're doing awesome!

  22. You have a total of four words, right?

  23. are the letters in the words scrambled??

  24. I got the phrase wrong last time, so I wouldn't be surprised if I flubbed it again. Actually, I think I did. Can I resubmit? ;->

    I'm at home today with a sick kid today, so this was a fun distraction. Back to playing Pokemon battles with my boy.

  25. no--you should keep each word as is--we did take liberties with the phrase. Make sure you've collected all the right all caps words from the blogs, and put them together into something that makes sense.

  26. haha best I can do : ) lol that was fun!

  27. You can do it all day and into tomorrow if you like.

    Sorry about your kiddo.

  28. Wow. Finally found the first one. I only started 10 minutes ago, though. ";-)

  29. Welcome, Sheri!! Have fun out there!!

  30. Hey Heather,

    Got #3 and #4. ";-)

  31. Hah!! I actually submitted. ME. Finally. Thanks guys. It'a always a pleasure. ";-)

  32. 'K, that was it's always a pleasure. I'm jittery. The kids are almost home from school.

  33. Oh drat, grumpy husband distracted me and I forgot about the start of WIBIJ! Off to troll the blogosphere at a leisurely pace...

  34. Oh, I think I know it!!! Yay! Do I answer here?

  35. Hmmm? Grumpy? And now you are off trolling... This has a certain fairy tale feel. I hope you leave plenty of bread crumbs and the birds don't eat them all!!!

  36. Yay! Carolina, submit it in the form along the side bar! Way to go!

  37. Okay, so I totally nailed this! Um, maybe.

  38. Tina - I'll leave the bread crumbs but I'm eating the Oreos :)

    Some very perky and fun bloggers this time, fearless leaders! Rock on.

  39. Very cool, guys! I'm a little behind on all this coolness, but I'll try to play next time! :-)

  40. Grrrr. I missed my WIBIJ fix. I'll play it a little later just for fun.It's been a crazy busy day :)

    But great work you circus performers :):):)

  41. Better late than never, but I did it!
    Woo hoo!

  42. Carolina- COOL!
    Sarah- I would too!
    Shannon- You ain't behind on nuthin!!! Thanks so much.
    Crystal- Thanks! Next time!!!
    Kelly- Woo Hoo!

  43. Okay, better late than never. :)

  44. Okay, done. I think the only way I managed it was due to the shortness of the phrase. Past 5 words and my brain doesn't work. And I'll probably still mess up the order of the words. :) Great clues, Heather! And blogs.

  45. Yay, Laura! Thanks for playing. Sometimes short and sweet is the most difficult. And sometimes it is easy!

    These are sweethearts of blogs!

  46. Okay, I did totally mess up the order. I think.

  47. This is too fun guys! When do you reveal the answers?? We want to link to you guys!

  48. LiLa--thanks! we post on Friday at 1pm. Normally I update the marquee--thanks so much for pointing that out!