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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mark your Calendars: Next Game June 16th!

WIBIJ?! is the game where you follow the clues to very cool blogs, and if you do it fast enough, or leave the best comment out there, then you win an award! Next game posts Wednesday AM, sign up to play early in the day, or at 1pm eastern when the clues begin posting for the fast race. OR wait, you have 24 hours to play without the pressure! Also, more cowbell please!

And for your entertainment, dear people of WIBIJ: Perhaps we didn't know exactly what we were getting into?

So do us a favor over the next week, check out the fantabulous bloggers and authors of our last run, practice googling all over the place, love up Blogger because she has been having some hard days and check back in next wednesday to see who is around?

Will our reining champion be back, will there be rhymes in the comments, how will blogger behave, how will Jon behave?????? These are the things to look forward to!

Until then, LOVE YA!
Jon, Heather and Tina


  1. Jon, behave? Where's the fun in that? :) Marking my calendar, hopefully I'll be on time to race!

  2. calendar marked! can't wait!

  3. Okay, I am feeling guilty about the Jon remark. I know he will be all glittery and golden, that is why we are all here, but I sorta implied he will MISbehave and I did not mean to.

    GLAD TO HEAR YOU TWO WILL BE BACK! Yay! I can't wait either.

  4. I want to be a lion tamer LOL
    Nice blog