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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Race #5 DEBUT AUTHORS! (Presented by Heather) PRIZES EDITION!!

Welcome, everyone, to the fantastic, spectacular PRIZES edition of WIBIJ!! If you are fast enough, or enthusiastic enough, or witty enough, you just might win your choice of a book! Woo-hoo!! A book from one of our fabulous featured blogs here at WIBIJ, no less! We're changing our posting today, so that you can sign up, and loiter here, this morning before the game.

Welcome!! Remember--there will be at least two winners today, one for FIRST PLACE: snagged by the quickest player who leaves the correct phrase in the form, and one for BEST COMMENT: won by the player sporting the wittiest (or funniest) on topic clue out there in the blogosphere-- again, you must leave the correct phrase here at the end of the game in order to qualify! Let the googling begin!!!

Welcome friends from far and near,
Thanks for coming; for being here.

First, some business, before we play,
Disqualification for all who stray!

Sign in at the comments down below,
New clues, every 10, after you go.

Leave Respectful words at each new place,
Stay On Blog Topic--or you're out of this race.

Collect Jon's clues from the comment pile,
Visible by their CAPITAL style.

Return again, comment that you're done,
Submit your phrase, maybe you've won!

There's not much more for you to know.
Welcome to the circus; away we go!

So many debut authors, so little time.
Follow the clues, follow the rhyme.
We wish you good luck as you google to play.
A new book is yours if you win today!


_ _ _ _ _ _ , _ _ _ _ _ _ !

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ !

Clue #1 @ 1PM EST

sarcastic and funny, and a bit of a sleuth

an outsider, a newbie, a little uncouth

living in quiet, he takes his Days Dark

lip reading secrets, mystery's lark.

death comes a knockin' while on the school trip,

so smiley and he, into truth, take a dip.

uncovering secrets, about everyone

much wit is revealed before Hamburger's done.

Clue #2 @ 1:10

she's charmed and she's popular--until her last Fall
seven do-overs in total as death does a stall

day, by day, by day, she retries

her mistakes, her wastes, her life, her lies.

Before moving forward she first must move back

and put meaning within everything that did lack

again and again and again she must right

the flaws in herself and the dark for the light.

CLUE #3 @ 1:20

random facts have a calming effect on the day

when the school bell rings out--one's expected to play

with the anomalous mass of bully and friend

which is which? it's so hard to know in the end.

Reinvention makes sense, as do numbers galore

and inventions and science they never did bore

one Thomas Edison or, one eddy, at all

and learning social cues puts you ahead of the ball.

CLUE #4 @ 1:30

19th century america was enthralled with the sisters,
real foxes and tricksters of mrs. and misters.

cracking knuckles and joints, they pretended the Dead

were speaking aloud, "We Hear them," they said.

never caught in the lie until love came to call

the guilt of their life catches up with them all

or at least with the one who stands to lose most
is it possible to give up your life for fake ghost?

LAST CLUE @ 1:40

not a book to be searched or one title to read

but a different debut coming out of the seed
a forum to chat, to play and to Talk
no need to bring anything, Tracy supplies Chalk.

whether writing that draft or that pesky revision

Crossing out adjectives, beating into submission
or seeking for agents, or just wanting to find
other like minded writers of your very own kind.

look through Tracy's posting
find the one that delivers the hosting
come and take a look,
meet folks to help with that book.

Feeling Stuck?? Check out the Everything Else You Need To Know Page.

Game is open until 1PM Thursday, EST.
Who will win books? YOU? Get googling!


  1. Hey guys. I posted an announcement on my blog today!! I also started an Upcoming Events widget. I'll add you guys each week, just let me know if one week you won't be doing it for some reason. ";-) You guys ROCK!!

  2. Thanks, Sheri!

    The widget idea is spectacular! Just so you know (and every one else!), right now we are on an every other week schedule for the game.

  3. I'm gonna give it a try this time! Hopefully I won't get too lost :) Sounds like lots of fun.

  4. Welcome, Crystal! You can do it! For fun (and books). Just keep that in mind!

  5. Sheri - You ROCK too!

    Crystal - I am so glad you're going to give it a shot. I know you have it in you to win the timed race or the best comment. If you give a tenth the amount of love as you do in my emails, then your comments will make these authors swoon for sure!

  6. whew, almost didn't get off work in time!

  7. I've read up on the instructions and am ready to play for the first time!

  8. Awesome Sarah, here just to say good luck before I am off!

  9. The clue has posted. Off you go!!

  10. Ugh, Jeff, you got me. I'm stumped.

  11. Dena is MIA!

    And Sheri, work on the next one, or check the page??? Slowness helps me...

  12. Excuse us, while Heather wrasles with our unmanagable Lion, blogger. Seriously, problems on the page folks.

  13. Oh no! Well clue number two has been solved!

  14. Your the googler with the mostest, Jeff!

  15. Well, Sarah and Chrystal are giving you what for--quietly!

  16. Go, Sheri!!! And all of yoose never know when a clue will get difficult! Just keep plugging away!

  17. Found the author; can't find Jon's comment. Ugh

  18. I just happen to follow both of those blogs already!

  19. Are you at the most recent post, Sheri?

  20. This is fun :) Hope I'm doing it right. I'm WAY too blond sometimes.

  21. Jeff, you have some serious good taste!

  22. Trying, Tina. Just got a call. I think I'll have to revisit later. Crap.

  23. Thanks for being here, Sheri! There are many ways to win....

  24. I'm late but I'm here! I just tweeted and blogged.

  25. I'm back...for the moment. Got them all so far...except #2. I'm there, though. Author have more than one blog maybe???

  26. Two clues done, then interrupted by husband. (but he brought grilled cheese, so I can deal) Back at it!

  27. I don't think so, Sheri!!!??? How can I help?

  28. Way to be a trouper, Sarah. Liked your clue at two too!

  29. Okay, I know WHO #3 is but why am I not seeing the comment I need? Am I wrong?!?! Goes off to sleuth...

  30. Found it! I was scrolling to the comments of the next post!

  31. Ok, I'm all done. I checked out all the clues and left a comment. Now I just gotta figure out Jon's message thing. :):)

    Way fun game! Thanks guys :)

  32. Crystal, way to go! Just submit it in the form when you think you've unscrambled the phrase! Woo-hoo!!

  33. You guys ROCK today!! What fun!!

  34. Keep it coming--who knows who is going to unscramble that phrase, or win best comment!!

  35. Maybe they are distracted by our dancing elephant!!

  36. Remember, you can't win ANYTHING unless you submit the phrase!

  37. I don't know if i got the phrase right!

  38. Ooh done! I think. :) Great game, and kudos to the clue writer(s).

  39. OMG I'm so pissed!

    I sat down to play, ready to go at like 1:45, and then my neighbor and her kids showed up!!
    Now I better write some killer comments! Figures the one with the prize is the one I would miss!

  40. Sarah, Jeff, GREAT GAME!! We're going to keep you in suspense until the unveiling of winners on Friday!! Everyone else, keep trucking--who knows who is going to win first place, or best comment, this game rolls on all through the night. Maybe we can get a midnight game going--like Rocky Horror, with props and stuff! Great game so far everyone!!

  41. So thanks to Sarah and Crystal for joining the fun, first timers and showing so much STYLE and ACUMEN! Thanks to Jeff and Sheri and Casey for being their usual champion selves. And now you Dena! Welcome and sparkle away! Tune in on Friday for our recap of this wonderful game! And keep playing the game goes on!

  42. I meant 12:45, not 1:45..ugh

    Poor Jacob just woke up and he's a nightmare right now so I can't get going until my husband gets home :-( I need to make sure these comments are good!

  43. Dena--I know, pressure's on, right? We'll see you later, oh dedicated WIBIJer you!

  44. I'm done!! That was a fun one. I didn't know the last two automatically. And I discovered a new debut I didn't know about. WOOT!

  45. Dena, you got all night! Although I expect you at the unplug. Give my love to Jacob!

    Casey--WOOT! WOOT!

  46. Casey--Woo-hoo! I'm so excited about all these books that we featured today. Really great stuff.

  47. I have some feedback for you guys! You should turn on word verification for the race portion of the game, at least. People will be more likely to comment on their status and interact if they know they can comment QUICK.

  48. Oops. I meant *off. Turn OFF word verification.

  49. Casey--awesome idea. SO TRUE. Something I hadn't thought about.

  50. Thanks, Casey! Brilliant! In fact I meant to and...

  51. I'm in and done with blog number one. I need to up my wit quotient on the comments as I obviously didn't win the race...
    Congrats to Jeff or Sarah! (I am SHOCKED, Dena, that you didn't make it. Darn neighbors! ;)

  52. Kelly--I think some of the posts out there today lend themselves to some ROCKIN' comments!!

  53. And, welcome, and good luck, Kelly!!! :)

  54. WOW - DENA! Are you kidding?!? Did the neighbours at least bring cake or something edible?

    I rushed home to get here as soon as possible....with 2 very pukey bunny rabbits in a box on the back seat....wanted to cheer you on with DONKEY....looks like Donkey and BUNNIES have created a digustingly greenish pea soup looking mess....must go and mop up! Even had my tutu on...must remember not to bend when I'm scrubbing....could blind someone!

  55. Dude, I'm such a loser. I can't even figure out the first one!! *whines* I'll keep trying after the class switch.

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. You're doing awesome, Kelly!

    Elana, you'll get the hang of it. : )

  58. Oh, no, Ann Marie!
    Thanks, Casey! Elana, google main or capitalized words in the poems.
    I'm done! Woo hoo!
    Whoever does the clue poems is very talented. I'm serious. You should submit some rhyming poetry to some children's mags!

  59. You guys are doing great! You too for cheer-leading, Casey.

    Come find me guys! I'm all over the place I might get dizzy and pass out and need help up.

  60. Kelly and Ann, thanks for cheerleading too! You put the unity in community for sure!

  61. I'm so loving the camaraderie here--and Elana--you should have seen me the first time I tried to tackle some clues. I felt like a dunce. Kelly's tips are spot on. Try not to make it harder than it needs to be!!

    Hello, Ann Marie--puking bunnies, huh?! Just don't hold them too close to the lion. We haven't fed him in a while, due to his bad behavior! Luckily we wrestled him into submission earlier.

  62. Heather failed to mention that she wrote those clues she couldn't decipher! Just kidding. Kinda. I was an epic fail all the times we played WIBIJ amongst ourselves. In fact, I haven't won one! Wa.

  63. Jon was only halfway kidding. The clue I bungled referred to my OWN BLOG. SO embarrassing!! So, none of you can even come close to my epic fail. It takes some practice. To fail as gracefully as I did. Just kidding. WIBIJ takes some practice. But after figuring out a few clues, I think it's addicting!

  64. Yeah, well, I can't get to some of the sites because of the firewall at work (shhh...) and I seriously cannot find the freaking capitalized words on that last clue. I swear I'm in the right place.

    Le sigh. I'm glad others suck at this too. Oh wait. SuckED. I'm still stuck in suck, but you guys have moved beyond.

    When I get home... When I get home...

  65. I think it's way addicting! I'm ready for the next game right now :)

    And Elana's comments are cracking me up!

  66. I love all of you for being here, despite your varying levels of clue deciphering skills, you are helping to make this game go round.

  67. This was the hardest game yet! The last clues really made me work

  68. omg the clues look so hard I'm scared to start! Glad there were more participants this time!

  69. Isn't it awesome, Laura, that we keep growing little by little. Thanks for spreading the word. As for the clues take a deep breath and Google the capitalized words. You can do it!!

  70. Jeff - I am glad you stuck it out and finished. Nice work setting an example!

  71. I have a really bad relationship with livejournal. It never lets me comment. So I wasn't able to comment on two, or gave up trying after several minutes.

    Couldn't figure out the last clue, I"ll have to come back later. I don't think I'll have enough words. Bummer. I always forget the capitals at the start of sentences.

  72. Ann Marie, not one but TWO pukey bunnies? You should get an award for dedication!

    Would you like a few more bunnies? 'Cause there are some eating my garden that I'd love to get rid of...

  73. Totally missed the puking bunnies comment. Ann is our very dedicated cheerleader. She's uber and Greeky.

  74. And I thought the query process was an uphill climb.

    WIBIJ? makes Janet Reid look like fish food.

    Is. this. forrealspice?!

    (In truth, I think I just found this first clue! Load, comments-of-blogger-I-don't-know-yet, load.)

  75. Well, I finished. But I'm really not sure I got the phrase right! Buuuut...I did comment on everything :-) Nice way to spice it up on the last clue, guys!
    It's too bad I wasn't here to race...sigh. Stupid neighbors!

  76. Amber--Welcome! And comparing WIBIJ to the SHARK--awesomeness! Good luck, and I hope you have fun!

    Dena--Woo-hoo! It's not a race without you! Stupid neighbors! :)

  77. HEY - SARAH! I brought home 2 cutie-pukey little bunnies tonight....BUT last Wednesday I ALSO brought home 2 cutie-pukey bunnies


    in about 20 days, 3 hours and 27 minutes, that means we'll have

    399.699.69 PUKEY CUTIE BUNNY RABBITS....that's an awful lot of BUNNY-PUKE GUYS...oh where is my pitch fork....

    JON! YOU DIDN'T see me in my (non-nuclear explosive) pretty tutu?!? Shame on you!
    I've already blinded several passing motorists whilst bending to muck out aforementioned back seat!

    HEEEEY! DEEEEENA? Did those blasted neighbours DRUG you?????

  78. I'm in - late, but in. First blog comment went in as anonymous. Do I still get credit for it? Hmmm. Off to find #2.

  79. I'm a first-timer, and late,
    but that's okay.
    This contest looks cool
    So I'm off to play!

  80. Ann - I did see that, I just didn't know it was you and you didn't know it was me because I was incognito.

    Kris - So excited because your comments are always a pleasure to read!

    Serenissima - Wow, what a name! Me likey. Good luck and don't get frustrated!

  81. Oh my - these are hard tonight. I found #1 and #2. Totally stuck on three.

    Thanks, Jon!

  82. Okay, I'm seriously about to email Casey for help. I wish I were kidding. I at least made it behind the firewall. Can I get a woot! for that at least??

    Freakin' freaker. You guys have no idea how competitive I am. You know you're making me go all postal, right?


  83. A) Woot!

    B) No cheating, E.

    C) I am totally taking freakin' freaker!! You and your lingo, it's so catchy.

  84. Hey, everybody it is so awesome you are here!
    1) Elana--woot #2
    2)Kris, don't stop now!!!! Okay, I can't even imagine...
    3. J, yes, about Elana and her lingo.
    4. Ann Marie, Dena, Jeff, Amber, oh I missed a whole afternoon!
    5. Serenissima, yay!

  85. So not witty tonight. And wicked late. But I finished it! I couldn't let you guys down! Man, this was the hardest one yet!

  86. We appreciate your perseverance, Kris! Job well done.

  87. I'm stuck I tell you! Stuck! Cannot find my way past the first step. Waaaaaaaaaa.

  88. Carolina - Try to forgive the formatting issues and google the capitalized words.

  89. OMG, OMG, so much fun!
    Already waiting for the next one!

  90. Glad you had fun, Sere- is that your real name?

    Anyway, come back on Friday to find out who the winners are and which books they'll choose.

  91. Alas, not my real name (which is Jeanne). But I love Venice and Serenissima is its ancient name.

  92. Yes, I love that fact about Venice, back when it was its own republic to contend with. Very cool use of the name. Are you serene, then, as the name suggests?

  93. You like my language? You like my language?? YOU LIKE MY LANGUAGE???

    I'm so not going to tell you what I'm thinking right now...


  94. WOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOO Elana!!! SWEEEEET! Great job!

    Hello, Serenissima (although Jeanne is so pretty, too), Carolina and Kris!! Thanks for playing!!

    Yo Ann Marie--we'll take some bunnies!!

  95. I finally did get #2. Just didn't scroll down enough. Now...riddle...????

  96. You are a serious trouper, Sheri! Yay!

  97. The Suspense is killing me

  98. You are just going to have to wait. :)

  99. Just stumbled onto your blog...too late to get in on the contest, but it's a cool idea. Very creative and well done. I'm now following your blog and look forward to more fun posts. :)

  100. Jon - Serene? I try to be, but sometimes it's kinda hard, yanno?

    Thanks to you, Tina and Heather for putting on such a fun show! I'm a blog follower now so I can see what you guys come up with next.

  101. Okie-- Thanks! I look forward to seeing you around.

    Serenissima- Thank you for the thanks and also for participating. SERIOUSLY!

    All of you--you are the folks that make this game fun!!! Thanks for indulging the circus, we want to make it worth your while.

  102. So, I'm totally lurking hoping the results will be posted early. And you're right, not much exciting happening here...

  103. Is that a little bit of Watership influencing you Jon?

    Yes rabbits ARE scary *shivers*

  104. Ack! I kept hitting "refresh" before realizing I'd already adjusted for time zone and had another hour to wait :(