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Friday, March 26, 2010

Official Recap for WIBIJ?! Game 2(presented by your game masters):

The Big Top was a little calmer at the beginning of our second official game. Even Jon’s acrobatics were in slow mo. The thing was, these were blogs that were chosen expressly because of our love for them and we wanted our crowd to love them up too. Even as Jon turned mid swing, waved, and then set out to spread glitter, H and I fussed with the canvas, picking up stray peanut shells and wondering what the days performance would bring. We had this down, we knew, but the game is only as good as the folks who come to play.

The beautiful Dena showed up right on time, the first sign that our race was going to be a success. She signed in and blasted past, before Heather could tip her top hat. If you recall Dena was our first ever racer, sending her kids to graze as she raced the wilds of our internet during the first race. This time our stunt master conducted the race with her children on her lap!! Dena had commented on four stops before Kris arrived beneath the canvas! Kris was steadfast, leaving her comments and returning to update us on her progress, and her words, bringing in Prof. McGonagall and squirrels, none too shabby. Then, there were sightings out in the field of a third mystery speed racer, eventually blowing us all out of the rings with comments and stealth. Laura wowed us with her game dexterity and her lisping(see below!!) retorts! Finally, even the lovely hosts of our clues showed up, with encouraging words, cheering racers on!

And then we knew, this race was a thing of beauty!!

Which brings us to the stops, oh we are proud of these hosts! These were the kind of blogs this game was designed for!! Each blog, beautiful and unique, these ladies have voice and presence, and know how to use it. Our theme this week: the blogs of picture book writers.

Off to stop one: Corey Schwartz Where rhymes and information, and self-deprecation all charm away, along with Thing 1 and Thing 2. Her post for the race was about being ditzy and commentors were out to validate, with stories of their own and reasons why that non-linear thinking will serve a writer. Love being shared by all.  (I am still 1000X ditzier than anyone, despite Corey's protests. -J)

Stop two: Marisa at Elegant snobbery. Beautiful illustrations galore and here we have music and all things spring, butterflies, rainbows, and fluffy kittens.  (There are even scary sock monkeys there! -J) The comments were epistilary and full of all sorts of fauna.

Stop three: Storygueen(Shelley) at Storycastle, which is a kingdom in of itself; everyone leaves Storycastle with a little more than when they came.  Give your internal editor a makeover and Shelley may claim him (or her) as her own, and you're a little proud she does it too. Everyone is inspired in the comments over there. Watch out, you may not want to leave.  (It's like magic! -J)

And then we get to Jacqui's room where Jacqui Robbins welcomes us to her circle. LeBron James and lies galore, but a writing lesson too. Check her out for Write This book Inspirational Moments. She is an inspiration herself. And the comments that follow, full of lies and fictions and even some truths.  (This chica is like my new favorite, which I can get away with because we live in the same state and she lives in my favorite city in said state.  GO BLUE!)

And surprise, at stop five, a familiar and oh so game friend: Dena Daw at My Journey to Becoming a Published Author. Dena was our first player. Way back last time, our first horn tooter, way back after last game, and she is a picture book author, not afraid to share her journey with us. Check her out. Bring her some socks! She will make you laugh and maybe even make you want to hold her son.  (Definitely will make you laugh. Not sure yet about holding the son. -J)

All race completers entered the correct phrase: A PICTURE BOOK IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS.
Dena Daw
Kris Asselin
Laura Pauling
Kelly Polark
Even Heather's son! But technically he's disqualified because he didn't leave comments or sign in to play! Maybe he will next time. Dena crossed our finish line first, entering the phrase and then rushing off to feed her children. Only proves that that mother CAN do it all. Looking forward to all the books we will see from her some day! Two races down and she wins the speed round of both. I challenge you folks out there, give her a run for the award!!!

The glitter we found spread all around:

Kelly at Storyqueen:

-Can I borrow Harrison as my inner editor? Though I think I picture mine as me in teacher mode. And I need to be harder on myself!
When I was in fifth grade I wrote him a fan letter and received back a picture with his stamped signature. I was in love with Han Solo/Indiana! My biggest dilemma was which movie was my favorite: Empire Strikes Back or Raiders of the Lost Ark! Ahhh,such simple times...

Kris's comment at Elegant Bloggery:

-The sun is shining in my front window for the first time in days.  No kittens or bunnies around.  But a fat squirrel did run across the street a few minutes ago.  Does that count? Nothing like good tunes and a sunny day to make procrastinating feel like you've accomplished something.  Oh, and if it makes you feel better, I once cut 15K from my WIP (when it was only 20K). It's better now. ;)
But Laura's comments all over were stunning. The comments referred back to themslves, the lie at Jacqui's fueling the muse at Shelley's, and the game itself coming up at her comment on ditzery being written in her genes, but her one at Dena's was our favorite:

-Protest! Thou cannot winneth wheneth a bloggeth is onest of your ownest. :) Realleth, it's okayeth withith meith.

Awards Ceremony:

Laura's comment is the winner of our Best Comment Award, a coveted prize, one that is won with wit and well-wishes.  Laura's comment embodies both criteria to a tee!  Laura, feel free to snatch up this Best Comment Award, and do with it what you will!  You've earned it!

Dena is our first place winner.  Despite being unopposed for much of the race, she remained focused on beating the clock and her previous W.I.B.I.J.?! record set during out last game.  Steadfast and witty, Dena owned this race and I challenge someone to give her a run for the medal next time.  Unless you're too chicken.  Dena--soon you'll have enough first place awards to wallpaper your blog!


  1. Scary sock monkeys... thanks, Jon.

    :D Fun! Glad everyone had a great time!

  2. Thanks, guys. Now I have to go and back and read what I said in the comments. :)

  3. Congratulations to all. I can't say I'm not disappointed - I thought I had best comment wrapped up with my McGonagall reference. I will certainly have to work on my wit for next time. ;)
    Next week I'll be in the dentist's office w/ my offspring getting a cavity filled at game time, so no racing to the finish for me until April. See you all in the blogosphere...and thanks again for the organizers for making it all happen.

  4. Marisa--Fun was had by all! Thanks for letting us "play through"!

    Laura--You did a nice job linking your comments, and your comment at Dena's was full of excellence!

    Kris--it was a tough decision, there were lots of great comments out in the game arena! And the next WIBIJ game is going to be in two weeks, on April 7th--you won't miss a thing.

  5. Oh my goodness! Another first place medal!

    I fear I cannot beat my previous first place acceptance speech, but here goes:

    I'd like to thank all of the wonderful creators of W.I.B.I.J. (Heather, Jon, Tina)- you guys made it just as fun and interesting the second time around! I stumbled across some wonderful blogs, so a big thanks to those who hosted! Thanks again to Google...where oh where would I be without you?!
    And of course, thank you to my wonderful kiddies, who both gave mommy time to do very serious things on the computer.
    I can't believe I won again! WOOT! Bring on more competition mwahaha!

  6. Congratulations, everyone! I arrived too late yesterday to play, but it's a good spectator sport. If you guys sell caps, I'll wear mine as I cheer on my favorite players.

  7. Okay, that was really fun. Thanks!

  8. Marisa - You're soooo welcome. It's reverse psych, you see, people who like sock monkeys will immediately want to head over to your blog and prove my statement false. Folks who don't give a hoot will head over to see what a scary sock monkey looks like and while they may not find any scary ones, their disappointed will fade almost immediately as they become enthralled with your brilliantly presented site.

  9. Laura - Your comments were really quite memorable for me, thanks for provided the winning one, it made me laugh so hard!

  10. Kris - You totally rocked, so disappointed you should not feel. Despite you popping into our lives just a few short weeks ago, you're regularly referred to among us circus leaders as a bright and shining beacon of the English language. This may be a little audacious, but since the next game isn't for two weeks, I challenge you to take on Dena for that first place finish!

    Also, thanks for the comment on my blog, another beacon moment you should feel proud of.

  11. Dena - I love that you use the word 'WOOT'. I love that you won again. I love that you're my friend. I can see that you're already ready to bring in next time, I've been challenging others to beat you, but a secret between just us, I'm always rooting for you and Sally.

  12. MG, it certainly is a great spectator sport, math on the other hand is not. I'll design a cap for ya, hey, maybe there'll even be some pom poms involved, or is that going too far?

  13. Jacqui, thanks for you participation! Again, GO BLUE! I love how I assume you're a UM fan just because you live in AA, so tell me, am I totally wrong you you really bleed green or heaven forbid red.

  14. I'm sad I missed it! I was unfortunately at work.

  15. Jeff-I'm sorry you missed it too! We'll do it again. Just for you! :)

  16. Excellent wrap up, peoples!!