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Monday, February 22, 2010

Practice Number Three: Practicing

Welcome, welcome, step right up!
Pull a topic from this cup.
Take your topic, write a scene.
Mine may seem somewhat obscene.

Rest assured, you'll see it's point
This'll take an effort that's joint
It's all about community
We're here to promote unity!

That's the theme for today
Others sharing their favorite way
Now it's time to be understood
So, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , WiP _ _ _ _ _ _ _!
Whip it, WiP it Good!

Clue #1 @ 3:30 EST
These flashy writers make up a team of seven crafty fiction writing challenge creators. Say that five times fast! 1/7 of the group is an alumnus of Heather's Feature Friday. Another 1/7 celebrated a 'birthday' on 2-04-2010.

Clue #2 @ 3:40
Her weekly word count challenge intimidates me, but her daily diversions for writers inspire me to be inky!

Clue#3 @ 3:50
A member of the first novels club, this aspiring author entertains and inspires with parodies of the CW's Wampire Diaries and teaches with her recently started Psychology for Writers segments.

Clue #4 @ 4:00
4. Playing telephone while sitting on used carpet squares, a girl whispers into my ear, "More on emotion and plot." I turn and whisper to the boy on my right, "S'mores and marshmallow plop."


  1. Heather has brought the existence of many flash fiction blogs to my attention, but don't despair, the other clues will help you sort it out.

  2. Whoa, the adrenaline! Players be prepared.

  3. Well, Jon were waiting on you. What say you?

  4. Well, another race well run! Congratulations, Heather!

  5. J, I like how you put the phrase and the winners right there in the post!