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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Practice Number One, Or, READY? GET SET? GOOOO!!!

Welcome, to the very first, practice edition of Where In the Blogosphere Is Jon?! For an extra treat, and just to keep you guessing, today, it is Heather who is littering the blogosphere with her uncanny wit and secret phrase. Please take note of the rules at the right.

*sound of running feet, door slamming*

And, Heather's off! Here are some clues so you can follow her to Agent/Editor Blogs (note--I picked these blogs so as to be less intrusive) And, in the spirit of connections, please make a note to go back and visit those blogs which you enjoyed seeing today.

Clue for stop #1: Rachelle, my belle, these are words which go together well, my Rachelle!

Clue for stop #2: Heehaw, heehaw.

Clue for stop #3: This Agent Assistant does not have eight arms, but describes herself as "underpaid and whiskey swilling."

Clue for stop #4: Heather might get waylayed (although not the urban dictionary definition) at this next blog--she might be laughing to hard to see the forest for the trees.

Clue for stop #5: Was it possible for Jacob Wonderbar to increase traffic at this blog? No, but the forum certainly did! Who needs almost 3,000 followers, anyway?

Clue for stop #6: Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, how does your book deal grow? With fantastic authors and publishers' auctions and Andrea Brown in the know.

*sound of starter gun* Sign in, and get moving! Go find Heather's comments. Remember to comment on the blogs in a respectful manner, and then head back here and enter your unscrambled phrase!